Accounting Software

Accounting Software – means the ‘an online SaSS based Accounting Solution’ providing integrated General Ledger, Trial Balance, and computation of VAT report needed to generate & maintain accurate VAT accounting.

Advanced Accounting Software

means the ‘Accounting Software’ providing integrated General Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and VAT Reports and Assets needed to generate & maintain accurate financial accounting.

5 Years Storage

Means storage of electronic data/records/information for 5 years of a company.

Inventory Management

Means complete inventory control for customers. This includes inventory optimisation, tracking orders and sales and LIFO/FIFO accounting.


Sales & Purchases- means recording of stock in and stock out of goods and calculating inventory on hand and opening and closing balance.

Credit Worthiness Score

Providing Credit Scores to Businesses as per the Al Etihad Credit Bureau, helping secure lower interest rates on loans with banks. Pending approval from the relevant authorities.

Point of Sale

means a point where a sales transaction takes place, such as a checkout line or retail counter. Offers both Touch and non-touch screen functionalities to be used with most hardware.

VAT Support Queries on Tax

Supporting businesses understand VAT laws and helping customers with technical queries on Tax.

Business Analysis& Reports

means identifying and generating business intelligence reports on company performance and their financial health.

Call Center & Chat Support

All day Call Center and Chat Support for 1st line basic queries. Technical queries will be escalated & transferred to our dedicated technical support team.

Financial Statement

This statement presents the financial information of the entity / company. Year End Financial Statement are verified and compiled

Actuals vs Forecasted

Analysis of Actual Budgeting compared to the Budget forecasted at the beginning of the time period

Custom Invoicing

Provision to customise Tax invoices (logo, address, pictures) while satisfying the prescribed FTA guidelines.