VAT Registration

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Basic Information

About The Applicant

On what basis are you applying for registration?.

Do you hold a Trade License in the UAE?


Are you also applying to create or join a Tax group?


Are you registering mandatorily or voluntarily?

Details of the Applicant

Name of applicant (English)

Name of applicant (Arabic)

Do you have a trade name that differs from the above?


Identification of The Applicant

Name of the authority that issued the Trade License

Trade License Number

Select Trade License expiry date

Upload scanned copy(ies) of Trade License

Business Contact Details

Banking Details

Is your bank located

In the UAE? Outside of UAE?

Business Relationships

Are you currently involved in (or in the past 5 years been involved in) any other business resident in the UAE, either individually or as a director or partner in that business?


Details of business with which relationship exists Enter the legal name of the business the relationship is (or was) with Is the business still trading?


Enter TRN (if available)

Upload scanned copies of Trade License(s)

Business Activities of The Applicant

Add any other activities (or proposed activities)

Actual or estimated financial transaction values

Do you expect the VAT on your expenses to regularly exceed the VAT in your taxable supplies?


Do you also expect to make exempt supplies?


Imports and Exports

Do you intend to import goods or services?

Yes No

Will any of these imports be from GCC member states?

Yes No

Do you intend to export goods or services?

Yes No

Will any of these exports be to GCC member states?

GCC Activities

Select the name of the GCC Member State

Customs registration information

If you are registered with any of the Customs departments in the UAE, please enter the details here.The information will assist the FTA and the relevant Customs department identify you accurately at the time of importing and exporting goods into or from the UAE. Failure to enter this information may result in delays at the border.

Do you have a Customs number?

Yes No

Emirate in which you have a customs registration

Exception from VAT Registration

Do you wish to apply for an Exception from VAT Registration based on the above?


Do you wish to apply for an Exception from VAT Registration based on the above?


Communication Preferences

Preferred channel of communication

Email Phone Number

Preferred language of communication

English Arabic

Registration Fee Details:

Vat Registration - AED 249 - USD 67.23
                                                                              Free VAT Registration
                                                                              VAT Software for 3 Months
                                                                              Quaterly Return Verifcatio

Additional Info:

* Excl. Bank Charges